Welcome to Burenda Blacks

Burenda’s Beef Week Open Day on Thursday 18 July will mark an historic occasion in our history. This is the day we launch BURENDA BLACKS, our own breed of Bos Indicus-infused Angus cattle.

BURENDA BLACKS are 80 per cent Angus - 20 per cent Bos Indicus, which we believe is an ideal fit for harsher tropical climates and northern production systems.

At Burenda we have always responded to market demands, working for many years to improve genetic traits including meat quality, fertility, maternal performance and temperament in both our Angus and Brangus herds. The time has come for producers wishing to improve these traits in their own operations to take a look at BURENDA BLACKS.

We look forward to telling you more about BURENDA BLACKS when they are launched by the Honourable Bruce Scott MP at our Beef Week Open Day, 18 July 2013, at 11am.


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Burenda's New Black

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Burenda's New Black

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